Boston’s WICKED QUEER FILM FESTIVAL celebrates PRIDE with some real cinematic treats

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  Boston’s WICKED QUEER  is the 4th longest running LGBTQ+ Film Festival in North America.  and one that QUEERGURU is proud to a be a media sponsor.  They have just finsuhed  their main  annual Fest, and are now planning to celebrate PRIIDE MONTH with a host of queer movie treats . They include Andrew Ahn‘s … Continue reading

The highly anticipated BACK TO BLACK : the troubled life of soul singer AMY WINEHOUSE is about to be released

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      The Guardian Newspaper in the Uk called BACK TO BLACK,  the highly anticipated biopic about singer Amy Winehouse, Sam Taylor-Johnson’s best film to date.  High praise for a filmmaker whose debut feature was the 4-time BAFTA nominated NOWHERE BOY  the story of John Lennon.  It wasn’t just the awards that this film … Continue reading

Queerguru’s Janet Prolman reviews Girls Don’t Cry (Le ragazze non piangono) that screened at Wicked Queer   

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    What dyke wouldn’t enjoy a road movie featuring two women in a camper van?   Especially an old, beat-up camper that has been lovingly cleaned, restored, and decorated by the main character, Ele.  This subtitled movie from Italy begins with a blurry nighttime shot of a young woman running from a building, with men in … Continue reading

Queerguru’s Editor gets stoned on Jordan Tragash’s debut film B.A.M. having its World Premiere at Boston’s Wicked Queer Film Festival

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  There’s always a first time for everything.  In this instance for me it was watching what was self-described as a  stoner comedy film .   Thanks  to Wiki I discovered that this is  technically a subgenre of comedy film based on  marijuana  themes, where recreational use often drives the plot, sometimes representing cannabis culture more broadly or intended for … Continue reading

Queerguru talks with Samyuktha Vijayan about their remarkable filmmaking debut BLUE SUNSHINE

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BLUE SUNSHINE is a remarkable film . The debut film from Indian filmmaker Samyuktha Vijayan who wrote, directed and starred in this captivating new drama, that lays out a story of transitioning that is refreshingly unsensationalized.  Based on her own journey Vijayan’s tale is powerfully uplifting and although it doesn’t beg us for support, it reminds one that they so deserve it. This is a story that need be shared as widely as possible to help us understand our trans brothers and sisters, better and I so hope it reaches the widest possible audience. On the eve of the film premiering at Wicked Queer, Boston’s LGBTQ Film Fest , she talked Queerguru about the journey of the film to date and where she hopes it will lead to in the future.


P.S. You can read Queerguru's full review of the film HERE

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