The Sparks @ The Town Hall, NY

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All of the QUEERGURU Team are very passionate about what they like (and dislike) and with Glenn John our newest Contributor it’s 1980’s Brit Music (think Marc Almond) so we asked him to film the iconic duo The Sparks Brothers who were making a rare appearance at The Town Hall in NY, but he got a tad too excited, nevertheless this wee video reminds us of what fab musicians they really are



P.S. If you want to see more of The Sparks be sure to check out their 2021 movie that is streaming on Netflix 


Review by Glenn John

Once upon a loooong time ago, Glenn moved from NYC to Bangkok (pre-covid, the most-visited city on Earth 
- Forbes mag.et al)  and suddenly he wants to let everyone know a bit more about Thailand (per capita, the queerest 
country on Earth - his stats) and maybe some of the LGBTQI+ happenings in the neighboring countries also.

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