Cosplay has become really trendy lately – but is it right for us …….or you?

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When we read that Jamie Lee Curtis was getting in costume to officiate her daughter’s cos-play wedding we got very intrigued.  If cos-play is going to be big, then we need to know.  So we asked style guru Kiyo Ohara the President of Dragon 88 one of LA’s hottest design firms to tell us more as she is quite the fan.   “I love cosplay it’s a cross of fashion meets fantasy. These fans emulate their favorite characters from the costume to extensive accessories to hair/wigs and make-up! They even have Handlers that carry their accessories like swords, helmets, and capes and give out cards with their hashtags and social media accounts. They may not have a red carpet like the Oscars but who needs one in the virtual world!”

BUT what actually is cos-play  “Think Halloween costume but all year-round and then dial it up to 11 – that sort of comes close to what cosplay ”  She added “some cosplayers may also go above and beyond copying their character’s outfits – they might even ‘role-play’ as characters, copying their mannerisms and gestures”

Hmmm.    So we asked her to go to a big cosplay gathering  …….WonderCon in Anaheim …. and snap a few shots, and here they are.   


P.S. we still think we are going to sit this fad out ……. at least for the time being

More of London in the Swinging Sixties

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As a follow-up to Queerguru’s recent review of the Beautiful People: The Boutique in the 1960s Counter Culture Exhibit in London, we were sent this wonderful wee 8-minute video from 1967.

Although this may seem like the distant past before many of you were not even born, the significance and the major global impact of that time greatly affected  and help shape art, music and fashions of today 

The Swinging Sixties was the first-ever youth-driven cultural revolution and it focused on modernity and fun-loving hedonism.  It took place in London where surprisingly even 15 years after WW2 had ended, there was still an element of official rationing in place.  The new youth were desperate to escape the confines and old-fashioned tastes and attitudes of their parents and were very quick to embrace ideas and styles that were the total opposite.

It was all symbolized by The Beatles in music, Mary Quant and Biba in clothes with iconic figureheads such as Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton in style. Plus fashion was no longer ‘a girls thing’ and the most fashionable boys became Mods.

However It wasn’t all about how the new generation looked, it was also about how they thought.  This  was the time for the political activism of the anti-nuclear movement, and sexual liberation which would eventually lead to the decriminalization  of homosexuality in 1969 

The video has no real narrative but is so worth watching as it shows that in London at least the Swinging Sixties affected more than a few.  It was a great class leveler when shop girls wore the same new fashions as debutantes which made it a very rare class leveler.

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