6 Weeks to Mothers Day

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Filmmaker Marvin Blunte and his producer Ladawan Sondak talk about their movie 6 WEEKS TO MOTHERS DAY the remarkable story of Rajani Dhgonchai universally known as “Mother” who runs an extraordinary orphanage in the jungles of Thailand. The movie premiered at Miami Film Festival

The interview with Roger Walker-Dack was filmed by Hussein Wentz in a noisy Press Room at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

MICHEL HAZANAVICIUS talks about Godard Mon Amour

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Oscar-winning filmmaker Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist ) talks about his new movie Godard Mon Amour  at Miami Film Festival and about why he still loves making films in France 

The interview with Roger Walker-Dack was filmed by #HusseinWentz for www.queergurutv.com in the grounds of The Standard Spa, Miami Beach


Omilani Alarcón talks about Latinegras : the latina & negra culture

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Omilani Alarcón the director of Latinegras talked to us about her Latina + Negra culture and how this documentary, being screened at Miami Film Festival throws a light on a community that most of us know so little about.

The interview with Roger Walker-Dack for www,queergurutv.com was  filmed by Hussein Wentz at The Standard, Miami Beach


Over 80% of the actors at the casting for Jayro Bustamante’s film refused to play ‘gay’

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When Guatemalan filmmaker Jayro Bustamante‘s went to cast his sophomore film a drama about a married man who comes out as gay he was shocked to discover that over 80% of the actors at the casting would not play ‘gay’ .  He needn’t have worried though as he chose the extremely talented actor JUAN PABLO OLYSLAGER whose finely nuanced performance as the lead character makes this very disturbing drama so utterly watchable.

In what is the 2nd Guatemalan movie to every have an LGBT story line, Olyslager  Pablo  who is forced by his Church & family to give up on his chance of real happiness. 

Bustamante, and Olyslager along with Sabrina De La Hoz , talked to QUEERGURU when the film was screened at Miami Film Festival

PS. You can read our full review of the movie  at http://c3f.ab6.myftpupload.com/2019/03/tremors-aka-temblores


The Best Queer Films at Miami Film Festival

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As Jaie Laplante the Festival’s Executive Director cut his teeth helming the city’s LGBT Film Festival several years,he has always insured that the Miami Film Festival incorporates a very healthy selection of LGBTQ movies in their programming. Not only that, but the eclectic mix they pick is adventurous, provocative, mesmerising and thoroughly entertaining. By also throwing in a few groundbreaking and potentially controversial films, their offer is one that we cannot miss and find ourselves generally wholeheartedly recommending.

Here then, in alphabetical order is our pick of the best of the queer movies at the Festival this year : Diamantino, Fireflies, Giant Little Ones, Jose, Knife + HeartSocrates, Sorry Angel, Tremors &  the short Nocturnal Creatures



P.S.  Also check out  http://c3f.ab6.myftpupload.com/2019/02/li-cheng-talks-about-his-movie-that-beat-the-favourite-to-win-the-queer-lion-at-venice-film-festival

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