Declan Bennett talks about his one man play BOY OUT THE CITY @ Edinburgh Festival Fringe

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We all had different approaches/ideas of how to survive The Covid Lockdown and in the case of queer Brit actor/performer/musician DECLAN BENNETT he left the bright lights of the big city and move to the smallest village he could find in the English countryside. Once there in his isolation, Bennett was forced to face the demons of his past on a messy journey through the turbulent world of toxic masculinity, homophobia, and men’s mental health.

From the lonely aisles of Hobbycraft to the bright lights of New York City, this is the story of a man in desperate search of identity when confronted with sudden unexpected solitude. The charismatic Bennett put pen to paper sharing all these Introspective experiences with such passion, optimism, and a re-found sense of self-love into a compelling one-man play. It makes the audience both laugh and cry but most of all, shows how something so positive can come out of the wretched pandemic. With the play just about to open at the prestigious Edinburgh Festival Fringe, he talked with Queerguru about sharing his journey in this way.




Writer/performer/drag queen JOE LEATHER talks about WASTEMAN his new hilarious one-man-show

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We’re guessing if you are born into the world with the name Joe Leather it is sort of expected that you will be a gay man! Although Joe’s parents could never have guessed that their son would also turn out to be an exceptionally talented actor/performer/writer …. oh yes and a Drag Queen too.  He’s also extremely creative and adventurous so when the Covid Lockdown dried up all his performing gigs he looked for a ‘real job’. He actually settled on becoming a Bin Man ….a Refuse Collector, it not only provided him with a much-needed income but also a great source of ‘material’ that he would go on to shape into a new one-man show WASTEMAN.

This is one of the most extraordinary drag stories we have ever encountered and what we also love with Leather’s hilarious comedy is that it also shows his profound respect for his ‘temporary ‘colleagues who are still out there doing such essential work. Queerguru spoke with Joe Leather on the eve of the start of his run playing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe




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