Peaches Christ on the joy of being MOMMIE QUEEREST again

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Peaches Christ is an American underground drag performer, emcee, filmmaker, and actor who is worshipped as a queer icon in their hometown of San Francisco where they got their first break performing in Heklina’s legendary Tranny Shack back in 1996. One of their many life events since then was the San Francisco de Young Museum actually honored them with a “Decade of Peaches Christ Retrospective”

Peaches is particularly known for their love of horror …the camper the better…having once even directed a star-studded indie slasher movie All About Evil.

We caught up with Peaches on the eve of them taking one of their most famous roles of Mommie Queerest on a mini UK Tour with Heklina. Underneath this wickedly funny parody the show also shows Peaches’s real respect for the cult status of the original movie Charismatic with a real passion for their craft, Peaches is, as always, a sheer joy to talk with



PEACHES CHRIST says she is NOT Mink Stole’s daughter as they sail off to London together

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Joshua Grannell is better known as Peaches Christ a multi-talented underground drag performer, writer, actor, filmmaker who has become a major force in San Francisco’s alternative nightlife.

With an irrepressible; sense of humor and a real passion for his work, he makes for a totally charming interview as QUEERGURU discovered when we tracked him down to talk about his show with the legendary #MinkStole called IDOL WORSHIP at And What? Queer Arts Festival in London..



Peaches Christ & Varla-Jean Merman create havoc ( & horror) in THE WHINING

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When two superstar drag queens decide to stick it out in a desolate snow-laden #Provincetown winter there is bound to be high drama afoot. Peaches Christ and Varla Jean Merman recount their hilarious adventures in The Whining, very (very) loosely adapted (bastardized?) from Stephen King‘s classic horror tale. It’s totally outrageous and thoroughly bad taste, but will have you howling for more.

We got the Ladies to spill the beans and some inside scoops (like how Varla went berserk with a real axe onstage) in this interview with  Roger Walker-Dack which was filmed at Provincetown Art House Theatre by #DanDesjardins

Our thanks as always to both of the Stars and also to Brian W Johnston for facilitating it as usual 


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