Alexis Gregory performs RIOT ACT at a Charity Gala for World AIDS Day

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Queerguru talked to queer writer/performer Alexis Gregory in London via Facetime on the eve of a big Charity Gala of his critically acclaimed verbatim performance play RIOT ACT.  The special one-off event is in aid of DEAN STREET WELLBEING a program that seeks to put good sexual wellbeing at the heart of sexual health, and commemorates World Aids Day.

The performance is on Monday 26th November 2018 at the Duchess Theatre and tickets can be obtained at www. nimaxtheatres.com  

P.S. You can read Queerguru’s ☆☆☆☆☆ review at http://c3f.ab6.myftpupload.com/2018/08/alexis-gregory-has-woven-various-themes-together-beautifully-in-his-compelling-performance-in-riot-act



Alexis Gregory talks about performing RIOT ACT at Crazy Coqs on Dec 1st to mark WORLD AIDS DAY

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Alexis Gregory’s solo verbatim show, RIOT ACT was created entirely word for word out of interviews with three key-players in the history of the LGBTQ+ rights movement; Michael-Anthony Nozzi; a survivor of the Stonewall Riots, Lavina Co-op, an alternative ‘70s drag artist, and Paul Burston; a prominent ‘90s London AIDS activist. Riot Act’ is a breathtaking, rip-roaring, white-knuckle ride through six decades of queer history, taking the audience right up to the present day; a celebration of queer activism across the decades, pulling no punches; hard-hitting, hilarious and inspiring…it’s a riot. After performing the show over the past five years Alexis Gregory reunited with QUEERGURU and talked with Roger Walker-Dack about a special upcoming performance of Riot Act at Crazy Coqs in London on December 1st 2022 to mark World Aids Day

Queer writer/performer ALEXIS GREGORY talks about RIOT ACT

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Brit Playwright and performer Alexis Gregory talks about Riot Act, a powerful, brand new verbatim theatre piece, created especially for the King’s Head Theatre‘s Queer Season in London, which will premiere Tuesday 31 July – Sunday 5 August.

Gregory interviewed one of the only remaining Stonewall survivors – the 1969 NYC riot that kick stared the gay rights movement; a member of a 1970’s London radical-drag troupe- underground alternative performance icon Lavinia Co-Op; and prominent 90’s London ACT UP AIDS activist Paul Burston. All three men spoke about their lives then and their lives now. Riot Act is shaped entirely, word for word, out of these interviews.

This interview with Roger Walker-Dack for www.queergurutv.com was filmed via Facetime


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