Easter is upon us. In lockdown time a way to cheer us up is to wear an Easter hat and share the image with your friends. The craft of hat making has not changed in years although the way a hat is perceived has changed enormously. Post second world war every man wore a hat … Continue reading

EDIE with a D : talks about her triumphant return to PTown

    EDIE is back to her home from home with q brand new show EDIE with a D appearing all summer at Provincetown’s Post Office Cafe and Cabaret. It’s been 20 years since she first took the town by storm and since then has been in a Broadway Show and also was the star … Continue reading

EDMUND BAGNELL : He Plays the Violin (and so much more …)

  His Solo Show may be called ‘He Plays The Violin’ but talented musician/Broadway performer and a member of Well-Strung the Singing Swing Quartet Edmund Bagnell does so much more than that. ” He’s appearing weekly at PTowns Crown & Anchor and he stopped by QUEERGURU to talk about how happy he is with life on and … Continue reading

Eli Schmidt talks about FROCK his new queer homoerotic Zine

  Queer N Y, photographer Eli Schmidt  launched FROCK in 2018 as a source where the queer community can see themselves represented without censorship . It started as a website  featuring photo stories, interviews, performance and erotic films. Using the language of homoerotic photography and self produced artist journals FROCK celebrates the dynamic diversity of … Continue reading

Elingur Thoroddsen talks about his gay horror movie RIFT

When queerguru was recently at BFI Flare London’s LGBTQ Film Festival we talked to Icelandic filmmaker Erlingur Óttar Thoroddsen about his gay horror movie Rift / Rökkur which was screening there and is now available in the US we streaming on Amazon Prime and iTunes etc,  from Breaking Glass Pictures. BTW Erlingur thinks that all gay … Continue reading

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