Karla Murphy talks about LOVE JAMIE : a remarkable touching story about Jamie Diaz a 65 years old transwoman prison inmate

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Jamie Diaz is a 65-year-old trans woman and artist who has spent nearly 30 years in a men’s prison in Texas. Using the limited paint supplies available to her and brushes she fashions from her own hair, Jamie creates bold and graphic paintings awash in color and symbolism.

In 2013, Gabriel Joffe came across an elaborately illustrated letter from Jamie while volunteering at an organization that supports LGBTQ+ people who are incarcerated. Gabriel, who is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns, was moved to personally respond. What unfolded over the next decade would profoundly change both of their lives.

Karla Murphy’s documentary takes us into the heart of this remarkable touching story that strikes a chord about how this tender relationship blossomed despite the physical restraints. And how two perfect strangers became the closest of friends enriching both their lives : no spoilers but even with a happy end in sight you will still be reaching for a tissue or two

Love, Jamie
Premieres June 3rd, 2024 in honor of LGBTQIA+ Pride Month


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