FAUXNIQUE talks about her Imposter Syndrome

The multi-talented Monique Jenkinson aka Fauxnique is probably the first award-winning cisgender female drag queen we have ever met. She is bringing her new show IMPOSTER SYNDROME to the @Afterglow Festival at Provincetown Art House Theatre for ONE NIGHT ONLY. So QUEERGURU called her in San Francisco where she got her first big break in the legendary queer Tranny Shack Original to find … Continue reading

FAWZIA MIRZA talks love, life and female wrestling

Finally, Signature Move as our favorite lesbian movie of 2017 opens in Laemmle Theatres in LA and on streaming platforms globally on 2/9, we revisit our interview with its very hot star and co-writer Fawzia Mirza that we recorded last summer. Also, check out queerguru full review of this delightful funny rom-com http://bit.ly/2ngI5YD and our interview with director Jennifer Reeder http://bit.ly/2nhNknO

Fawzia Mirza talks about Signature Move

  Actress (and co-writer and Producer) Fawzia Mirza plays an uptight Pakistani Muslim lesbian lawyer who  lives with her very conservative mother in Chicago.  Her life however is about to go through  a major upheaval when she falls in love with a fiery Mexican woman ……. and female wrestling too.   Signature Move currently playing … Continue reading

Filming New & Old Friends in PTown : Summer 2019

  It’s been a real busy summer in QUEERGURU’S PTOWN STUDIO : it isn’t August yet BUT we have already shot 60 FILMS showcasing the best queer side of life in town : reviews, interviews, looks behind the scenes in all the performing arts …. and so much more. They include Pam Ann, Chris Bartock, … Continue reading

Filmmaker Adam Garnet Jones talks about FIRE SONG

It is an achingly beautiful story compassionately told and one that is tinged with more than it’s share of sadness, as openly gay Garnet Jones shows how tough it is for LGBT people to be themselves in this tight small communities. After picking up Awards on the Film Festival circuit, the movie is being released by Wolfe … Continue reading

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