Chef Charles-Laurent Lelièvre : Pâtissier Extraordinaire talks about finding real happiness in creating cake masterpieces

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The first thing you notice about Chef Charles-Laurent Lelièvre is both his joie vivre and his humor when you talk with him about his passion of baking. (Well to be totally honest, he is also devilishly handsome but I didn’t want to appear shallow) ). He tells you so convincingly that he has found his dream life designing and creating such masterpieces in Miami which he is so thrilled to be able to call home. His fascinating journey started in Nursing School in France (his family insisted) to working in Disneyland Park, then DisneyLand US before he got an offer he couldn’t refuse …..to be a fashion Model. Disney’s loss was the world’s gain and eventually led him here to follow his dream

Its a joy to talk with someone who exudes such naturally happiness like Chef that you start to feel you’ve known each other for years.

All of his cakes are custom made and unique originals the more outrageous the  design the more excited he gets creating them, but be aware as each one is handmade he can make only so many in a week.

And at the end of interview I asked him the one question you will so want to ask …….has he made a wedding cake for himself yet? You’ll have to watch the video to the final credits to see what he answered

How Gay Can Man[ny] Get?

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Is a Britney Spears Themed 40th Birthday Bash just toooooo gay?  No need to answer it is a rhetorical question.  This is however Miami where nothing is ever too much and Manny the host has a Peter Pan complex anyway.

Saying that it was all done in the best possible taste.  DJ HottPants was there at the turntable complete with his short shorts, headband and legwarmers.  He specializes in  music both terribly wonderful and wonderfully terrible, and never ever stops dancing..  Take a look……

Sadly Ms Spears herself surprisingly turned down an invitation to attend, but that didn’t matter  as Miami’s very  own YouTube Star and Influencer Morphine Love came and out-Britannyed Brittany.


The only real worrying thing (?) is that  QUEERGURU’s newest Correspondents flew in from L.A. dressed like this.  Should we be really concerned ? 

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