Tom Shepard @ UNSETTLED : Seeking Refuge in America

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TOM SHEPARD started his excellent and unsettling documentary about the plight of a handful of LGBTQ refugees in what we now wistfully call the ‘good old days’ i.e. pre 2016.  Up to then this country stood by its centuries old policy of giving refugee to all those in need.   His cameras show us the risks that refugees are prepared to take to escape persecution and death back home to try to be one of the lucky few that our very reluctant Administration will allow in .

Then we learn that even if they do eventually make it here, that  their struggle is in fact  far from over, as the system is stacked so heavily against them,

On the eve of the documentary being  broadcast by PBS and the World Channel, Queerguru talked with Shepard about the impact his compelling film was making, and also about the continuing tragic queer refugee situation 




P.S. You may also like to to check out Queerguru’s full review of the film 



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