Queerguru talka with SAM MORRISON about his new show SUGAR DADDY on of the very best queer stand-ups that you should not miss

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28 year SAM MORRISON is a charismatic queer stand-up comedian who is extremely hilarious, Like so many others in his field Morrison draws on his own personal experiences for his very witty and authentically funny act. So when his boyfriend was a victim of the Covid Epidemic, Morrison used his stand-up to exorcise his grief,. This is not an obvious outlet for such a wealth of heart-string-pulling memories, but to his outstanding credit, Morrison pulls it off with such style. and genuine affection This new show of his SUGAR DADDY is playing for a month at the Soho Playhouse OFF Broadway and has resulted in the best reviews of his career after we saw him perform part of the act on the Seth Myers TV Show, we knew we had to interview him. Morrison now claims to be a gay Jewish diabetic widower …… which strangely enough so is our (happily re-married) Editor




Edison Farrow talks about opening HEAVEN his new gay club in Miami’s South Beach

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For over two decades, EDISON FARROW has been a major moving force in creating exceptional nightlife for the LGBTQ community in Miami’s South Beach. From his Martini Tuesday get-togethers in some of SOBE’s fabulous Hotels to opening a Cabaret Club in the style of a New York Piano Bar where all the wait staff sang and performed too. Now after a stint living in Atlanta, he is back in South Beach and almost immediately he has plans to bring a slice of HEAVEN to SoBe. Literally, as with his partner.s, Edison is about to open HEAVEN a new fabulous gay nightclub on Ocean Drive right next door ti the famous Versace Mansion. He took time out to talk with Queerguru and we will warn you, it’s impossible not to be swept away by all his energy and positivity, and sheer charm …. we cannot wait to go to the Club’s opening this week.

Heaven South Beach
1060 Ocean Drive

Starting February 3rd.


Robbie Lawlor enthuses about the excellent HOW TO TELL A SECRET which he ‘stars’ in

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PS You can read Queerguru’s full review of  How To Tell A Secret HERE

Alexis Gregory talks about performing RIOT ACT at Crazy Coqs on Dec 1st to mark WORLD AIDS DAY

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Alexis Gregory’s solo verbatim show, RIOT ACT was created entirely word for word out of interviews with three key-players in the history of the LGBTQ+ rights movement; Michael-Anthony Nozzi; a survivor of the Stonewall Riots, Lavina Co-op, an alternative ‘70s drag artist, and Paul Burston; a prominent ‘90s London AIDS activist. Riot Act’ is a breathtaking, rip-roaring, white-knuckle ride through six decades of queer history, taking the audience right up to the present day; a celebration of queer activism across the decades, pulling no punches; hard-hitting, hilarious and inspiring…it’s a riot. After performing the show over the past five years Alexis Gregory reunited with QUEERGURU and talked with Roger Walker-Dack about a special upcoming performance of Riot Act at Crazy Coqs in London on December 1st 2022 to mark World Aids Day

Adam Powell talks about the independent online book store we should all be supporting ShopQueer.co

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Adam Powell and his partner the award-winning author Eric Cervini have launched an online independent queer bookstore …. shopqueer.co … that pays the authors much more than the usual percentage. Plus in light of the recent spate of gay book bans throughout the USA, the couple are focusing on getting these books to more remote and challenged LGBTQ+ communities. They currently have a Crowd Fundraiser in order to buy a school bus that they can convert into the Rainbow Book Bus to actually physically get out into the community.

Queerguru spoke with a very passionate Adam Powell on how he and Eric are so close to fulfilling their dream.

Queerguru is so happy to endorse this wonderful scheme that we hope will never stop growing

You can support NOW by buying book/s or donating to their fundraiser  

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