LANDLINE : the story of the only helpline for gay farmers in the UK

One of the most compelling films selected for the Mens Queer Shorts Program at Provincetown Film Festival this year is Landline a documentary about the only helpline in the UK for gay farmers. This fascinating look at a highly marginalized section of our community is quite an eye opener especially for us urban types, and … Continue reading

LAOLU SENBANJO : Nigerian Renaissence Man

    Laolu Senbanjo : Nigerian Renaissance Man at SCOPE Art Show #MiamiBeach talks about his Sacred Art to Roger Walker-Dack for www.queergurutv.com : Bronze Kingdom  

Laurie Lynd and the Truth about Patient Zero

  Queerguru talks with filmmaker LAURIE LYND whose powerful new documentary Killing Patient Zero the story of the AIDS epidemic and the man wrongly accused of starting it. It’s way past time we all know the truth and acknowledge for the heroic role he played. The film can be viewed very shortly in Canada and hopefully … Continue reading

Lazy Eye @ #PIFF16

In Tim Kirkman’s new riveting heart-tugging drama 40 year old Dean’s slightly stagnated life is thrown a curve ball when totally out of the blue he receives an email from Alex the man who broke his heart when he walked out 15 years ago and totally disappeared. Dean is very intrigued as Alex was the biggest … Continue reading

Le Gateau Chocolat: a queer renaissance man

    Le Gateau Chocolat is the nearest thing the queer community has to a renaissance man. This multi-faceted performer with an exquisite baritone voice is equally home of the stage of the Royal Opera House or wearing outrageous drag acting the fool at Jonny Woo ‘s The Glory in London’s East End. He is wickedly funny, honest as the day is … Continue reading

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