Nick Adams singing & jumping for joy with The Skivvies

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When we recently posted our film of The Skivvies Summer 2019 Show with their special guests presented by Peregrine Theatre Ensemble in Provinceton, we had many requests asking to see more of the scantily clad Broadway actor/singer Nick Adams. Your wish is our command : here he is jumping and singing for joy


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Nick Cearley spills the beans about THE SKIVVIES

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Nick Cearley, one half of The Skivvies talked to queerguru about the striped down music they play when they strip down to their underwear . This talented N.Y. duo who have also become You Tube sensations also persuade several of their musical buddies to join them undressed onstage. For their short run at Crown & Anchor in #Ptown this week their guests will be Randy Harrison and Nick Adams .

The interview with Roger Walker-Dack for www.queergurutv.com was filmed by Dan Desjardins in the Queerguru Garden.


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The Skivvies strip down in PTown

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The Skivvies are actor/musicians who perform “stripped down” arrangements of popular songs and original tunes while literally stripping down to their underwear. At each gig they ‘inveigle’ upon a whole variety of friends/performers to join in the merriment.

This is a clip of The Skivvies in #PTown presented by Peregrine Theatre Ensemble with guests #TomHewitt Trish LaRose Nick Adams Cacophony Daniels Susan Boil and Ben Berry on their first night. They have another show on 8/17

Filmed by Dan Desjardins in The Fisherman Hall

THE SKIVVIES strip down in PTown

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The Skivvies are Lauren Molina and Nick Cearley, singer/actor/musicians performing stripped down arrangements of eclectic covers and eccentric originals. Not only is the music stripped down – cello, ukulele, glockenspiel, melodica – but the Skivvies literally strip down to their underwear to perform. 

On their  annual Provincetown gig in 2019 their special guests were Nick Adams, Ben Berry, Susan Boil, Cacophony Daniels, Trish LaRose and Tom Hewitt.

Presented by Peregrine Theatre Ensemble and filmed in Fishermans Hall by Dan Desjardins for Queerguru TV

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