queerguru talks to the filmmakers of CHECK IT

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‘Check It’ is a powerful and somewhat shocking new documentary about a ‘gang’ of gay and transgender kids in one of Washington DC’s most notoriously tough neighborhoods who collectively decide to fight back against all the physical and mental abuse that is heaped on them as they strive to simply survive. A couple of adult activists offer them a glimmer of hope for a better future.

queerguru got to talk to the filmmakers Dana Flor & Toby Oppenheimer when the movie played at the Provincetown International Film Festival #PIFF16 recently.

Filmed for P.T.V. by Heather Reed.

Click HERE for queerguru’s review of the movie.


6 Weeks to Mothers Day

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Filmmaker Marvin Blunte and his producer Ladawan Sondak talk about their movie 6 WEEKS TO MOTHERS DAY the remarkable story of Rajani Dhgonchai universally known as “Mother” who runs an extraordinary orphanage in the jungles of Thailand. The movie premiered at Miami Film Festival

The interview with Roger Walker-Dack was filmed by Hussein Wentz in a noisy Press Room at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

Queerguru talka with SAM MORRISON about his new show SUGAR DADDY on of the very best queer stand-ups that you should not miss

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28 year SAM MORRISON is a charismatic queer stand-up comedian who is extremely hilarious, Like so many others in his field Morrison draws on his own personal experiences for his very witty and authentically funny act. So when his boyfriend was a victim of the Covid Epidemic, Morrison used his stand-up to exorcise his grief,. This is not an obvious outlet for such a wealth of heart-string-pulling memories, but to his outstanding credit, Morrison pulls it off with such style. and genuine affection This new show of his SUGAR DADDY is playing for a month at the Soho Playhouse OFF Broadway and has resulted in the best reviews of his career after we saw him perform part of the act on the Seth Myers TV Show, we knew we had to interview him. Morrison now claims to be a gay Jewish diabetic widower …… which strangely enough so is our (happily re-married) Editor




A fully-clothed DREW SEBASTIAN talks about his one-man-show DAD’S CABARET

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Drew Sebastian is a man who wears many hats ….. one of which means he actually wears nothing at all. His first love was musical theater, he trained at Cordon Bleu School and became a chef to a few famous folks (think Adam Levine etc) and in the Covid Lockdown he was a much sought-after Personal Trainer …. and for many years he has been a major star of adult films. It is a career he is mighty proud of….. and quite rightly so … and one of which he shares stories about ….. some of them hilarious ….in his one-man show DAD’S CABARET that he is about to perform at the Pilgrim House in Provincetown.

Queerguru caught up with him to talk about his new life as a sexy cooner on the eve of him losing his PTown (professional ) virginity




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