Uncle Howard @ #PIFF16

Filmmaker Aaron Brookner set off to find the lost negatives of Howard Brookner’s 1983 definitive documentary of William S Burroughs. and in the course of his investigations discovered so much more about this dynamic and influential queer filmmaker who died of AIDS in 1989 aged 34 years who was also his Uncle Howard.  This compelling … Continue reading

UNITARD brings their twisted humor back to P Town for TWO NIGHTS ONLY

  Comedy Trio Unitard are back in PTown.. There are a wildly twisted, brilliantly outspoken, hilarious, fabulous, tested, ready now, comedy group from NYC and they talked to Queerguru  TV about being back at the Art House with their new Show TARD CORE. David Ilku and Nora Burns talked with Roger Walker-Dack in the Queerguru … Continue reading

UNITARD talk Badassy

THE wildly twisted, outspoken, fabulous, tested, ready now, comedy group from NYC known as Unitard Comedy are making their annual performance at Provincetown Art House Theatre for TWO NIGHTS ONLY. They talked with QUEERGURU ….. well two of them Nora Burns and David Ilku did, as usual Mike Albo was MIA. The interview was conducted by Roger Walker-Dack and filmed by Dan Desjardins at The Art … Continue reading

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