After Louie’s Vincent Gagliostro on daring us to dream again

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The veteran gay activist/author/playwright Larry Kramer was right.  Again.  After Louie is indeed a movie that had to be made.  Filmmaker Vincent Gagliostro talks about his directing debut with this powerful and entertaining inter-generational drama about AIDS. Starring Alan Cumming and Zachary Booth the story tackles how we are all coping now the the AIDS pandemic is no longer the lethal threat to us all that it once was.

Gagliostro told queerguru that After Louie is about getting that older generation to dare to dream again, and at the same time, getting the younger generation to just dream

The interview was filmed at The Lands End Inn Provincetown during #PIFF2017 by Heather Reed & Hussein Wentz for queerguru reports on PTV’s Channel 99

P.S. You can read queerguru’s full review of the movie HERE.

David France talks about HOW TO SURVIVE A PLAGUE

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When filmmaker David France was at #PIFF2016 with his new movie The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson we seized the moment to also talk to him about How To Survive A Plague his Oscar Awards Nominated documentary recognized as THE seminal work on the AIDS pandemic, and which is really essential viewing for the entire #LGBTQ community and beyond. The documentary is NOW available on Netflix & Amazon.com and major global streaming platforms.

The interview with Roger Walker-Dack was filmed by Heather Reed & Hussein Wentz at Lands End Inn Provincetown.

P.S. For queerguru’s review of the movie click HERE, also you may like to check out our interview with David France & Victoria Cruz talk about The Death & Life of Marsha P Johnson HERE

Steven Reigns talks about A QUILT FOR DAVID

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Steven Reigns poet, educator, activist + first Poet Laureate of West Hollywood came to East End Books Ptown to launch Steven Reigns’s Quilt For David the hidden history of a vulnerable gay man whose life and death was turned into tabloid fodder he stopped by to talk with Queerguru . The book is a MUST READ for all gay men to remind us of this fateful life-changing period in all our lives





The interview was conducted by Roger Walker-Dack and filmed by Dan Dejardins


The Princess, the patient, and the handshake that changed the face of AIDS

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Bren Gosling‘s play MOMENT OF GRACE captures a very significant moment that created such a seachange when Diana, Princess of Wales shook the hands of an AIDS patient in a London Hospice back in 1987.   Bren Gosling talks about his play…. now at The Hope Theatre in London …. with QUEERGURU and how this one single act of kindness gave us both hope and love when our community needed it most




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