Academy Award winners Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman talk TAYLOR MAC and his excellent new concert film

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Taylor Mac’s 24 Decades History of Popular Music was a 24 Hour Marathon on Oct 8 – 9 2015 (noon to noon) at St Ann’s Warehouse New York was a highly anticipated event that was 5 years in the making and never to be repeated.  

This whole extraordinary masterpiece was filmed by Academy Award winners Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman who had the near-impossible task to edit the recording down to under 2 hours, and their combined efforts is now playing the film festival circuit before HBO screens it at the end of June.

At the Provincetown Film Festival, Epstein and Friedman talked to Querguru about Mac’s most powerful performance pieces that we think we have ever witnessed and surpass his very distinguished body of work to date.  One of the (many) awards he has gathered over the years is a MacArthur Genius Grant……its the description of genius that makes him so well qualified for this.

PS The Film will premiere on HBO on 6/27 


After Louie’s Vincent Gagliostro on daring us to dream again

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The veteran gay activist/author/playwright Larry Kramer was right.  Again.  After Louie is indeed a movie that had to be made.  Filmmaker Vincent Gagliostro talks about his directing debut with this powerful and entertaining inter-generational drama about AIDS. Starring Alan Cumming and Zachary Booth the story tackles how we are all coping now the the AIDS pandemic is no longer the lethal threat to us all that it once was.

Gagliostro told queerguru that After Louie is about getting that older generation to dare to dream again, and at the same time, getting the younger generation to just dream

The interview was filmed at The Lands End Inn Provincetown during #PIFF2017 by Heather Reed & Hussein Wentz for queerguru reports on PTV’s Channel 99

P.S. You can read queerguru’s full review of the movie HERE.

Anthony & Alex and Susanne Bartsch On Top

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Filmmaking duo Anthony & Alex talk to queerguru about Susanne Bartsch On Top : their definitive profile of N.Y’s Queen of the Night who has set the style and pace for Manhattan’s clubbers for the past three decades. They capture the essence of this legendary larger-than-life party promoter as they look back (and at the present) of how she took over the mantle of Andy Warhol when she conquered the city.

The interview for ‘queerguru reports’ on PTV’s Channel 99 was filmed during #PIFF2017 at the Lands End Inn by Heather Reed & Hussein Wentz, and edited by Roger Walker-Dack.   The movie won The John Schlesinger Award for first-time filmmaker at #PIFF2017.


Check out queerguru’s full review of the movie HERE

B. Ruby Rich on the (healthy) state of Queer Cinema

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B Ruby Rich the academic/critic/writer is not just a leading expert on QUEER CINEMA but she is also one of our very favorite interviewees. She sat down to talk to Queerguru at the Provincetown Film Society & Festival like she does most years.

The interview with Roger Walker-Dack was filmed by Hussein Wentz at Lands End Inn Provincetown



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Brit Filmmaker Andrew Haigh talks about ALL OF US STRANGERS and the rest of his body of work

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With just three queer feature films and one HBO TV series under his belt ANDREW HAIGH is nevertheless considered one of the very best queer filmmakers of his generation. His latest one ALL OF US STRANGERS with remarkable performances from both Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal is currently playing in movie theaters around the globe and has been both a critical and commercial success.

Recently when he was at the Provincetown Film Festival to accept their Filmmaker On The Edge Award he sat down with Queerguru to talk about his contribution to queer cinema

PS You can read Queerguru’s full review of the film HERE

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