A Golden Digital Memorial Weekend Drag Brunch

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This Memorial Day Weekend The Golden Gays NYC should have been performing live at Pilgrim House in PTown but never one to let a something like COVID 19 get in their way, they are performing a GOLDEN DIGITAL DRAG BRUNCH instead. They will be beaming it live from NY via their own FB page (plus also the FB pages of Pilgrim House and QUEERGURU) so we tracked down Miss Blanche to talk all about it

Sunday, May 24, 2020 2:00pm EST Extra special guest appearance by The Mutha of the Haus of Pilgrim: Mackenzie Miller 

Venmo and Paypal @TheGoldenGaysNYC

Miss Richfield 1981 hosts PATIO 15th Annual Carnival Drag Brunch and scores big bucks for H.O.W.

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Miss Richfield 1981 hosts 15th Annual Drag Brunch at Patio in Provincetown


For the past 15 years the ANNUAL DRAG BRUNCH at PATIOS AMERICAN BAR & GRILL has become one of the highlights of PROVINCETOWN CARNIVAL WEEK.  This fundraising event for Helping Our Women hosted by the indefatigable MISS RICHFIELD 1981 who relentlessly threw shade at EVERYONE helping raise over $250000 (even before today’s $60K+ is . added).

With its packed room full of creatively dressed queens who have traveled far and wide to attend and to watch some ‘spirited’ and decidedly amateurish performances, this sold-out Brunch is a riot from start to finish.

Queerguru’s Dan Desjardins was there to film the whole event,and our team not only nominated it as one of our favorite Carnival Events, but thanks to Joachim Sandbichler and the entire Patio team, it is also one of the best run events too.





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Patio American Grill – Provincetown has been throwing a DRAG BRUNCH during Carnival Week for the past 14 years. QUEERGURU got to film the event for the first time, and hosted by Miss Richfield 1981 with co-host Miss Conception it was the most successful to date raising 55K for Helping Our Women.

Filmed by Dan Desjardins, and directed and edited by Roger Walker-Dack


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PTown Carnival Drag Brunch 2021 hosted by Miss RIchfield 2021

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The Drag  Brunch held every Carnival Week in PTown hosted by Miss Richfield  1981 is a real annual highlight .  Held at Patio Bar and Grill .its such a joyous raucous affair that is also a major fundraiser for Helping Our Women a resource center for women living with chronic or life-threatening conditions. 

Patio’s co-owner Joachim Sandbichler reminded the crowd that in the first pandemic that the LGBTQ community had to deal with, it was local women that helped get us through.  It seems only right we now help them.  This year the Event exceeded all expectations and raised $100K.

QUEERGURU’s Team  (Todd Blais, Richard Bolton and Roger Walker-Dack  were on hand to film the Event and here are some of the best moments of Brunch  


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