Brent Hartinger and Michael Jensen have both got a big set of balls.

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Brent Hartinger and Michael Jensen have both got a big set of balls. On that fateful night back in 2016 when Donald Trump won the Presidency this gay married couple decided it was time to up and leave the USA. They weren’t alone as up and down the country thousands of us made the same decision : the difference being, Brent and Michael did it, whilst we sat home and whined.

So they sold up their house in Seattle (within 1 month) and since 2017 they have been globe trotters …… or as they call it ‘digital nomads‘ . Queerguru caught up with these writer/travelers when they were in Istanbul, Turkey …..which in itself concerned us but I very quickly learned this was so wrong.  The  charismatic couple told me that one of their major discoveries is that  THE WORLD IS NOT A SCARY PLACE.   Also wherever in the world they have been they have learnt how very important to every single queer community ….now matter how distant, or how religious , that they visit to show their solidarity.

Theirs is  a remarkable uplifting story that we feel honored to be able to share, and if you like to know more then you can subscribe to their newsletter at https://www.brentandmichaelaregoingpl…

Brian J Smith talks about A HOUSE IS NOT A DISCO a love letter to queer life on Fire Island

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Actor turned filmmaker Brian J Smith’s debut behind the camera is his love letter to Fire Island The place is evocative to so many queers around the world. The narrow ten square miles sand bar of 600 beach houses, a hundred co-ops, a beautiful beach, wooden boardwalks, no roads or cars, and a handful of commercial businesses is 49 miles off the coast of New York City in Long Island Sound. It’s played host to generations of queer New Yorkers looking for community, sex, sea, drugs, gorgeous wooden beach houses, nudity, hedonism and a dancefloor.

Smith carefully takes off his rose colored glasses to look at Fire Island’s past and to think ahead about its future. He tells us The Pines has always been a place that has been cared for by the people who live there, now going forward it must also be cared by all the visitors as well, if it is to survive Queerguru caught up with him prior to A House is Not a Disco screening at OUTshine in Miami …. the latest in its Festival run,  Ris Fatah our reviewer gave it a rave review (see https://queerguru.com/queergurus-ris-… ) and we were anxious to know more about why Smith is so passionate about the place


NICK HAYES and MATTHEW STATHERS talk about the World Premiere of REMEMBRANCE MONDAY a very intimate story about love and loss

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On the eve of the World Premiere of REMEMBRANCE of a new play by Michael Batten directed by Alan Souza, that will open at the SEVEN DIALS PLAYHOUSE in London, we talk with the two stars NICK HAYES and MATTHEW STATHERS about this very intimate story about love and loss in this two-hander play

Queerguru does some ‘beachcombing’ at The LGBTQ’s National Task Force Annual WINTER PARTY on Miami Beach

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When most of the world is shivering in the freezing weather of February, in Miami we are partying on the beach soaking up rays The 3 Day Event is all for a very good cause ….the LGBTQ National Task Force’s Annual WINTER PARTY that raises critical funds for the LGBTQ movement.

Queerguru despatched our own Club DJ Steven Bitkower  and his twin brother David to record all the fun that hot men in speedos can have in the winter sun.

Queerguru hangs out with THE PUNK ROCK QUEEN OF THE JEWS (and has a blast!)

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When we first met and interviewed CHEF ROSSI 5 years ago in PTown it was love at 1st sight (for me anyway)). She had just turned her colorful Jewish past into a best selling memoir and hit play that was running at WELLFLEET HARBOR ACTORS THEATER. Quick witted, wickedly funny she talked to QUEERGURU about The Raging Skillet and how as a feminist lesbian punk she just loves to stir it all up

Now she is back with her second memoir THE PUNK ROCK QUEEN OF THE JEWS which she is happy to share is much more R-rated . The woman is unstoppable : chef owner of The Raging Skillet a NY anti-catering company celebrating its 36th year : a writer, author, radio host, screenplay writer and a self confessed loudmouth . Oh yes we forget she is also a queer feminist Hungarian Jewish punk. The book to be published in April is impossible to put down … but meanwhile check out why she had me laughing so much just talking about it

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