Brent Hartinger and Michael Jensen have both got a big set of balls.

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Brent Hartinger and Michael Jensen have both got a big set of balls. On that fateful night back in 2016 when Donald Trump won the Presidency this gay married couple decided it was time to up and leave the USA. They weren’t alone as up and down the country thousands of us made the same decision : the difference being, Brent and Michael did it, whilst we sat home and whined.

So they sold up their house in Seattle (within 1 month) and since 2017 they have been globe trotters …… or as they call it ‘digital nomads‘ . Queerguru caught up with these writer/travelers when they were in Istanbul, Turkey …..which in itself concerned us but I very quickly learned this was so wrong.  The  charismatic couple told me that one of their major discoveries is that  THE WORLD IS NOT A SCARY PLACE.   Also wherever in the world they have been they have learnt how very important to every single queer community ….now matter how distant, or how religious , that they visit to show their solidarity.

Theirs is  a remarkable uplifting story that we feel honored to be able to share, and if you like to know more then you can subscribe to their newsletter at https://www.brentandmichaelaregoingpl…

ELSKA Magazine checks out queer ISTANBUL the gayest city in the Muslim World

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    Queerguru was very pleasantly surprised to open up the latest edition of ELSKA the queer photo-zine magazine to discover it featured men (and good-looking ones at that) from the LGBTQ+ community of Istanbul Turkey.  Even though homosexuality was decriminalized back in 1858 local gays can face legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBT residents. … Continue reading


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Turkish filmmaker Ceyda Torun and her cinematographer Charlie Wuppermann must have the patience of saints  to make this enchanting new documentary of theirs, as they stalked and trailed what seemed like thousands of cats that roam the streets of Istanbul for the best part of two months.  What had originally enticed Torun, a native of … Continue reading

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