The title of this engrossing documentary on the lives and work of design icons Charles & Ray Eames is somewhat misleading as we soon discover that there were so much more than just an architect and a painter. They were also furniture designers, filmmakers, graphic designers and visual communicators par excellence. In fact this multi-faceted highly … Continue reading


Diego is 30 years old, and although a Culinary School graduate, is stuck working as a waiter for his Grandmother’s family style Mexican restaurant ‘Tio Pepe’ in East Los Angelas. The restaurant, like the neighborhood, has seen better days but all that is about to change as white gay men (gringos) are about to invade … Continue reading


Olive’s best friend Rhiannon at school is so nosey that to stop her pestering with questions about the previous weekend she spent alone she says she slept with a college boy. This information is overheard in the next bathroom stall by Marianne, who is a pious Jesus freak and is so totally horrified that she … Continue reading


Although I no longer watch any TV programs at all, even I know that ‘The Killing’ has been a hit series on both sides of the Atlantic.  Although naturally the US were not content with Danish original so they shot an American version.  Into this they cast Joel Kinnaman as a sullen scruffy Detective, and … Continue reading


There is a whole swathe of gay men who have very similar tastes to teenage girls especially when it comes to things like pop music, TV Shows & Stars, and particularly in their somewhat besotted belief in ‘true romance’.  This is NOT a criticism but just an observation of how after decades of dealing and … Continue reading

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