Creator, Owner, Editor-in-Chief
Miami Beach, FL / Provincetown, MA

Member of G.A.L.E.C.A. (Gay & Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association) and NLGJA The Association of LGBT Journalists. and 
The Online Film Critics Society. Ex Contributung Editor The Gay Uk & Contributor Edge Media 
Former CEO and Menswear Designer of  Roger Dack Ltd in the UK  

'one of the hardest-working journalists in the business' Micheal Goff of Towleroad


Queerguru Contributing Editor
London, UK currently in Abu Dhabi

Jonny is a drama graduate but has worked backstage for many years at venues such as The Royal Albert Hall, The 02, Southbank Centre  and The National 
Theatre. He usually  lives in Hoxton, London, and is delighted to check out the latest, the hottest, and the downright dodgy in queer culture for Queerguru.
(P.S. He is currently single)   ARTICLES :


Queerguru Contributing Editor
London, UK

He writes fiction and non-fiction and teaches creative writing at Middlesex University. He is the author of two novels – London Triptych (2010), which won 
the 2011 Authors’ Club Best First Novel Award, and Ghosting (2015) – and the short-story collection Twentysix. (2011, all published by Myriad Editions). 
Non-fiction works include The Penetrated Male (2012) and Homotopia?: Gay Identity, Sameness and the Politics of Desire (2015, both Punctum Books).


Film & Culture Contributing Editor
London, UK

He is a MEDIA & CULTURAL STUDIES graduate spending his career between London, Beijing, and NYC as an expert in media and social trends. As part of 
the expanding minimalist FIRE movement, he recently returned to the UK and lives in Soho. He devotes as much time as possible to the movies, theatre 
and gym. His favorite thing is to try something (anything) new every day.


Contributing Editor  
London & Ibiza 

Queerguru Contributing Editor Ris Fatah is a successful fashion/luxury business consultant  (when he can be bothered) who 
divides and wastes his time between London and Ibiza. He is a lover of all things queer, feminist, and human rights in general.


Provincetown, MA

ALLISON ANANIS is a graduate of Bowdoin College and also holds a Master of Public Administration from Suffolk University. Currently, 
she works in Health and Human Services in Boston where she also resides with her wife Meg. Weekends are spent in Provincetown where
 the incessant playing of her eclectic choice of music very loudly brought her to the attention of Queerguru’s Editor


Literary Reviewer
Provincetown, MA

He has been an avid reader all his (very long) life? and is finally putting his skills to good use. He lives in Provincetown full time with his husband Jim, 
having finally given up the bright lights of Boston and now haunts the streets mumbling to himself that no one reads anymore …


Health & Lifestyle Contributor
Queensland, Australia

He is a gay health and lifestyle writer at QUEER VOICES magazine. Besides writing, he worked as a freelance fashion stylist in Europe 
and Australia. A true craft beer and soy latte aficionado, he loves spending his days at the beach and visiting second-hand stores on a daily basis. 
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Culture, Fashion and Arts Correspondent 

Lancing UK

Graham Fraser was once half of the award-winning FASHION DESIGNER duo WORKERS FOR FREEDOM. Years spent working in the 
luxury end of INTERNATIONAL FASHION he now lives with his partner the artist RICHARD NOTT and their two Cavapoos Albert and 
Raf in a stunning renovated 1950’s house on the edge of the Sussex Downs with distant sea views.



Golnoosh Nour is the author of The Ministry of Guidance and other stories – shortlisted for the Polari Prize 2021. Her poetry collection 
ROCKSONG was recently published by Verve Poetry Press. Her work has also appeared in Granta, Spontaneous Poetics, and Columbia Journal amongst 
others. Golnoosh teaches literature and creative writing at the University of Reading and the University of Westminster. She has co-edited Magma 80 
and an anthology of contemporary queer writing forthcoming from Muswell Press.


Assam , India

David Lagachu lives in India “I am constantly trying to find a perfect balance between academia and my love for writing about films, 
pop and queer culture. I consider myself a global citizen and would love to be a part of a significant history of mankind.”   



Brewster MA

Janet Prolman was born in Boston, Massachusetts, where her mother nicknamed her “my little queer.” She has also lived in North Carolina
and New York. A lover of short stories, theater, music, and performance, she knows the lyrics to almost every song or advertising jingle she’s ever heard.
Now on Cape Cod, she enjoys kayaking and frequenting Provincetown.


Guatemala, Central America 

Lawyer and notary public, visual artist and editor of El Azar Cultural. Lives and works in Guatemala City. Cinema lover, curious about 
the possibilities life brings and eager to live the experience.


Provincetown, MA / Fort Lauderdale, FL