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Filmmaker Olivia Silver’s debut narrative is a rather interminable road movie that spends so long getting nowhere. A dysfunctional young family is forced by their father to suddenly move across country from New England to California. At dawn one morning he simply hustles them into his station wagon heading towards a new job and a … Continue reading


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This coming-of-age story tells of two teenage girls, who are best friends, dealing with all the restrictions of growing up in Iran today.  The girls are exploring their emerging sexuality as they become part of Tehran’s underground party scene. When an older brother straight out of drug rehab becomes a religious zealot and even joins … Continue reading


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This had the pedigree to be a real good old emotional family drama.  Written and directed by Richard Levine one of the moving forces behind T.V’s ‘Nip/Tuck’ and starring Liev Schreiber, Oscar winner Helen Hunt, Eddie Izard, Brian Dennehy, and young Ezra Miller (T.V’s Royal Pains) ….so much talent that resulted in such a disapointing … Continue reading


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This gentle warm delightful comedy is about a well-adjusted, happy, loving and quite devoted family.  The two teenage children have reached that awkward stage when they start questioning things, in this case, to find out who their biological father is.  It just so happens that their two parents are a lesbian couple, but that aside, … Continue reading

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