Is BIG BOYS the next big Brit queer TV series that we cannot live without?

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    Queerguru always keeps a very close eye on Brit TV as that is often where the very best new queer programs first appear. …..such as Queer as Folk and Its a Sin.  And now there’s BIG BOYS from Channel 4: a funny and beautiful new comedy about losing one’s virginity which judging by … Continue reading

Netflix’s HEARTSTOPPER is the most endearing teen coming out/romance we have seen in a long time.

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    Netflix’s new winning queer TV series Heartstopper is another confirmation that the network has become such an important source of LGBTQ programming.  They are one of the very few that grasp the sheer importance of creating content in which our community feels understood,   acknowledged, and respected unlike the sheer number of corporations that … Continue reading

Open Dialogues : Stories From The LGBTQ Community

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  This powerful wee documentary is exactly what most queer people would have loved to been able to view on the verge of ‘coming out’ as gay.  Listening to the stories of seven South Florida members of the LGBTQ community articulate on their own journeys is such an uplifting experience. Hearing their individual stories of … Continue reading

Coming Out in Football is still a very big deal : here are the latest 2 brave souls

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  Sport (and particularly football)  is still one of the last great bastions of homophobia (and misogyny) that ensures that the LGBTQ+ communities acceptance is often at a snail’s pace. So much so when 21-year Australian professional footballer Josh Cavallo came out as gay this week it made headlines around the world which is still … Continue reading

A Distant Place : a finely nuanced Korean queer family drama

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  A Distant Place, the debut feature film from Korean filmmaker Kuo-Young Park, and  is a remarkable finely nuanced tale that evolved into such an exquisite film as beautiful as the stunning rural setting.  It is the first Korean queer film that I have ever seen and I have to confess although I was unsure … Continue reading

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