Queerguru ★★★★★ review of Peregrine Theater’s HEDWIG and the ANGRY INCH in Provincetown

      Hedwig And The Angry Inch ★★★★★ Peregine Theater Company    It seems somehow appropriate... Continue reading

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Queerguru’s Jose Mayorga reviews SWAN SONG looking at the drama behind the scenes of Canadian National Ballet’s new production

  A passionate and moving journey into the mise en scene of a new production of Swan Lake by The National Ballet of Cana... Continue reading

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Actor Luke Philip Bosco talks about appearing in the PROVINCETOWN TENNESSEE WILLIAMS THEATER FESTIVAL

    The annual TENNESSEE WILLIAMS THEATER FESTIVAL is one of THE cultural highlights of PROVINCETOWN&#... Continue reading

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Spielberg’s West Side Story : a special look

  No matter how much you may loathe remakes of classic movies, you know you will not be able to resist Steven Spielberg&... Continue reading

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