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Blond thirty-something year old Ingrid has lost her sight abruptly to an undiagnosed condition and now, depressed and unsettled, she just whiles away in the stark white high rise apartment in Oslo that she shares with Morton her architect husband. She refuses to ever venture outside at all and actually suspects that Morton actually sneaks back … Continue reading


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Roger Brown is a short man with big ideas as well as a Napoleon complex. He has a tall beautiful wife for whom he has bought an ultra-modern luxury house and whom he lavishes with expensive gifts, neither of which he can afford, and anyway she would in fact just prefer to have a child.  … Continue reading

I Am Yours

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Newbie Norwegian filmmaker Iram Haq’s new drama is based on her own life and her struggle as a woman caught between two cultures. Struggling actress Mina, a second-generation immigrant, is an attractive 27 year old divorcee who shares custody of her 6 year old son with her ex-husband, a successful architect, and his new wife … Continue reading

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