Hail, Caesar!

For their latest collaboration the multi-Oscar winning Coen Brothers have produced a full-blown comedy that, like many of their films, is based around a botched crime job, although in this instance they treat this as a rather insignificant plot twist which they never really bother to follow through. Instead the focus is on an over-worked … Continue reading

Hampstead : with Diane Keaton thinking she is still Annie Hall

  It’s been over 40 years since Diane Keaton won an Academy Award for Best Actress in the title role of Annie Hall, but after sitting through her latest film Hampstead it seems like she is still playing the same part. But now this slightly bohemian woman with relationship issues,  still wearing floppy hats that … Continue reading


German Philosopher Hannah Arendt and her husband the Marxist poet/philosopher Heinrich Blücher, both Jews, managed to escape the French Detention Camp where they had been imprisoned and lived out the rest of World War 2 in New York. They quickly established themselves, and Arendt scored many prestigious teaching positions  …. she was the first ever … Continue reading


Jeff and Kelly are trying are trying to do a balancing act juggling their freelance careers whilst bringing up their 2 year old son Jude.  Its slightly off kilter right now as Jeff is managing to work on pre-production of his next movie, but Kelly has got writers block since she completed her first book so … Continue reading

Happy End

If you are at all familiar with the work of the two-time Oscar nominated Austrian filmmaker Michael Hanake then you will know that the very last thing he ever gives us is a happy end.  This new movie of his, essentially a rather disparate domestic melodrama that focuses on a wealthy bourgeois dysfunctional family living … Continue reading

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