45 Years

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For his third feature film British writer/director Andrew Haigh has made yet another intimate drama, but unlike the previously two this time his subjects are neither young or gay. His story here centers on a retired middle-class couple leading a rather slow-paced idyllic life on the Norfolk Broads in England. Kate Mercer (Charlotte Rampling) and … Continue reading

6 Years

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Twenty-year-old Dan and Mel have been dating for six years now and although they are constantly declaring their love to each other, it is clear that the magic is definitely rubbing off their romance. After she staggers home late and drunk one night, Mel picks a fight with Dan which ends up with him in … Continue reading

99 Homes

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When unemployed construction worker Dennis Nash finally gets evicted from his family house that he had been desperately trying against all odds to hang onto, he and his pre-teen son Connor, and his hairdresser mother get unceremoniously dumped with all their possession on their front lawn by the Bailiffs. The year is 2010 and their … Continue reading

A Ballerina’s Tale

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Documentarians could not possibly wish for better luck than that which befell on Nelson George when he was recently finishing up his profile on the ballerina Misty Copeland and it was announced that she was to become the first African-American soloist with the prestigious American Ballet Theater in over two decades. It’s a perfect ending to … Continue reading

A Lego Brickumentary

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As interesting as Oscar winning documentary filmmaker Daniel Junge and his co-director Oscar nominated Kief Davidson make this profile on the world’s most famous toy unless you are a AFOL (or a KFOL) you’ll find this a little too insular for your own good. Sure, they do a great job telling how this invention decades in … Continue reading

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