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This new crowd-pleaser biopic of African/American athletic hero Jesse Owens sees his troubled world through rose colored glasses (even the Nazis running the 1936 Olympics are not THAT bad ) as it fore-mostly focuses on his remarkable achievements of winning 4 Gold Medals, with the political ramifications taking second place.  The movie starts with the teenage Owens leaving Alabama and his … Continue reading


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Billy ‘The Great’ Hope seems to have everything. He has retained his title of World Light Heavyweight Boxing Champion, albeit after a particularly bloody match.  He lives a life of sheer luxury in an enormous New York Mansion with his wife Maureen who adores him, and their cute precious daughter Leila who he totally dotes … Continue reading


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After seeing the trailer, I had dismissed this movie as just another feel-good sitcom until I spotted its pedigree. It being the third feature film from writer/director Tom McCarthy who scored sleeper hits with ‘The Last Station Agent’ and ‘The Visitor’ which I both really enjoyed and admired.  Hence I found myself in the movie … Continue reading

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