J Edgar Hoover ran the FBI as his personal fiefdom with a rod of iron for almost 50 years.  He used his great position of power as the nations’ lead Investigator to compile secret files on all the most powerful men (and women) in this country, and it was these files that were alleged to … Continue reading


Given that the rather impressive resume of Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín is made up of generally aggressive dramas interspersed with violence about his own country, then it is quite extraordinary that he chose such a high profile quintessential American subject such as ‘Jackie’ as his first English speaking movie.  Larraín is on quite a high … Continue reading


When a story has already been filmed over 21 times, its reasonable to wonder why there is any need  for yet another version.  Its been made as a Silent Movie back in 1910; Orson Welles took a stab at it in ’43 (just after Citizen Kane); Bollywood gave us its take; its been a TV … Continue reading

Janis : Little Girl Blue

It took filmmaker Amy Berg almost 8 years to bring her very stunning and definitive documentary portrait of the blues singer Janis Joplin to the screen, and it was well worth the wait.  With the full co-operation of the late singers estate, her family and friends, and several of the musicians that she played with, … Continue reading


All Sharon wants for her birthday from her slacker unemployed 30 year-old son Jeff who lives in her basement, is that he gets off the couch and catches the bus to the hardware store to get some wood glue to fix a broken shutter.  Jeff, a big lump of a man, is more than happy … Continue reading

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