On February 12th 2008 in E.O High School in Oxnard, a sleepy Californian beach town, one very troubled teenager took his anger out on one of his classmates and shot him in the back of the head twice at point blank.  It was the middle of the day and the class were all together in … Continue reading


Best friends Lily and Gerri are determined to lose their virginity during their last summer together before they leave home for College. The drag is that there is evidently only one decent looking potential candidate to perform this service in Brighton Beach, and they both fall for him.  The object of their affections is David … Continue reading

Very Semi-Serious

After watching Leah Wolchok’s fascinating look behind the scenes of The New Yorker’s celebrated Cartoon Department and having this mini crash course into its workings, it makes you have a great deal of respect to all the rather eccentric men (and a few women) whose lives are solely all about getting their ‘funnies’ published  in this … Continue reading

Viceroy’s House

Gurinder Chadha’s well intended but rather stilted epic period drama about how the British badly managed their withdrawal from India exactly 70 years ago, lands in movie theaters at a time when the UK is now making rather a mess at leaving Europe too. In telling the tale of how Britain ended up splitting India … Continue reading

Victoria and Abdul

The two-time Oscar nominated British director Stephen Frears resume includes such stunning movies such as The Queen and The Grifters, and on the other hand some dreadful mistakes such as Lay The Favorite and Chéri that we’re sure he would rather forget. His latest movie Victoria and Abdul falls somewhere in the middle.  A pleasant crowd-pleaser … Continue reading

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