For his directorial debut two time Oscar Winner Dustin Hoffman got himself an Oscar Winning Writer, Ronald Harwood (‘The Pianist’), a veritable who’s who of the cream of British actors led by two time Oscar Winner Dame Maggie Smith and yet all he could produce was a disapointing dud of a movie.  Such a waste of … Continue reading

Queen & Country

Veteran British Director John Boorman returns to his roots with this new movie …..his first for several years …picking up the story line from his masterful Oscar multi-nominated semi-autobiographical ‘Hope & Glory’ about a nine year old boy living through the London Blitz . Now a decade later young Bill Rohan (aka Boorman) is 18 … Continue reading

Queen Mimi

When aspiring actor Yaniv Rokah got a part-time job as a barista in a coffee shop in Santa Monica he very quickly struck an unlikely friendship with Mimi a short sprightly octogenarian who worked at the Laundromat on the other side of Montana Avenue. Rokah became fascinated with this extraordinary colorful old lady who it turns … Continue reading


It’s not often that the main character of a movie is so annoying that I just want to slap her legs hard in the hope that she will stop being so irritating, but this is one such case.  And in fact now I think about the rest of the cast, I would probably want to slap … Continue reading


So Harold Camping got it wrong (again) and the world didn’t end on May 21st, and we all laughed at the joke.   Now I’ve seen this movie, which contained an equally sounding preposterous prediction from Rudolf Steiner, the eminent philosopher and social innovator, who in 1932 predicted that within 80-100 years all the honeybees … Continue reading

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