A Lego Brickumentary

    As interesting as Oscar winning documentary filmmaker Daniel Junge and his co-director Oscar nominated Kief Davidson make this profile on the world’s most famous toy unless you are a AFOL (or a KFOL) you’ll find this a little too insular for your own good. Sure, they do a great job telling how this invention decades in … Continue reading

    A Perfect Man

    James is an architect with a wandering eye and when Nina his publisher wife catches him with his latest paramour, who happens to be her best friend and the wife of James’s business partner, she calls it a day and storms off out of their apartment and marriage too. After she leaves James finishes his … Continue reading

    A Teacher

    Diana is a successful high school teacher, liked by her students, and admired by her colleagues. However, unbeknown to any of them, she is having a furtive affair with Eric one of the teenage boys in her class.  It is purely sexual and mutually consensual but it carries with it enormous risks, particular for Diana. … Continue reading

    Adult World

    Amy is a poet.  And a rather annoying whiny one at that. Just recently graduated from Syracuse University with a massive student loan debt and living with parents who’s bank accounts she has drained and who’s patience she has finally exhausted, her life is a mess. No local employer wants to employ a Poetry Major so … Continue reading


    There is an intriguing opening to this very disjointed tale of mystic healing that never ceases to leave you feel anything other than baffled right up to the final credits even though that was clearly never really the intention of Peruvian writer/director Claudia Llosa. At the beginning we follow Nana begging for a lift in the … Continue reading

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