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A chance encounter in a hotel bar leads to a handsome novelist and a pretty analyst, both traveling for business reasons, forgetting their work for a few hours and make a night of it together upstairs.  Next morning as they part to go their separate ways they think no more of their one night stand … Continue reading


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3 is really about 1 who wants both the other 2 who are not sure what they want.  In Tom Twyker’s sophisticated amusing (but not very funny) comedy a reasonably good looking couple in their 40’s in Berlin are bored with their successful lives and with each other.  She is the host of a pseudo … Continue reading

6 Years

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Twenty-year-old Dan and Mel have been dating for six years now and although they are constantly declaring their love to each other, it is clear that the magic is definitely rubbing off their romance. After she staggers home late and drunk one night, Mel picks a fight with Dan which ends up with him in … Continue reading

A Perfect Man

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James is an architect with a wandering eye and when Nina his publisher wife catches him with his latest paramour, who happens to be her best friend and the wife of James’s business partner, she calls it a day and storms off out of their apartment and marriage too. After she leaves James finishes his … Continue reading

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