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This coming-of-age story tells of two teenage girls, who are best friends, dealing with all the restrictions of growing up in Iran today.  The girls are exploring their emerging sexuality as they become part of Tehran’s underground party scene. When an older brother straight out of drug rehab becomes a religious zealot and even joins … Continue reading

A Separation

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  It’s rare to get the whole crux of a movie in an opening scene but that’s exactly what happens here when we see Nader & Simin facing a judge on their own in an otherwise empty room arguing about getting a divorce.  They are a successful middle-aged professional couple living in present day Iran who had agreed in principle … Continue reading

Starless Dreams

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Mehrdad Oskouei’s unflinching and extremely personal documentary shot in a  rehabilitation center for female juvenile delinquents in Tehran for 20 days leading up to New Year, will unquestionably be one of the saddest stories to hit our screens this year.  It took the filmmaker seven years to persuade the Iranian authorities to allow him to film an imprisoned … Continue reading

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