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X Japan is not just that country’s most successful band, it is also one of the oldest ones as it was originally formed way back in 1982. With their extreme outfits and outrageous hair styles, their brand of highly theatrical glam metal has made them iconic figures in Asia but they never ever been able … Continue reading


This powerful new documentary by Davis Guggenheim (Oscar Winner for ‘An Inconvenient Truth’) contends that the American educational service is failing, and failing badly. Something we have heard many times before but usually from rabid aspiring politicians bandying around their own distorted dogma whilst seeking to get one over their opponents.  However Mr. Guggenheim is … Continue reading


20 year old Wajma lives with her mother and brother in Kabul whilst her father is away in Southern Afghanistan working as a mine detector in the war zone.  When the family attend a cousin’s wedding Wajma encourages Mustafa a family friend to flirt with her, and afterwards they start to see each other in … Continue reading


In a small village in Devon, England at the beginning of the last century, Ted Narrowcutt a poor farmer buys a thoroughbred at auction for his son even though he pays far more for it than the plough horse that he really needed.  The decision irks his landlord who wanted the horse himself and now … Continue reading


Vik Muniz is a Brazilian born visual artist based in New York and renowned for his art which is constructed using a variety of ready recognizable non-art materials including trash.  Conscious of his own success that life had accorded him he set about wanting to help bring about change for group of needy people using … Continue reading

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