About four times a year in rural Pennsylvania discarded school buses are auctioned off to bidders most of whom are from Central America.  They have been decommissioned after 8 – 12 years of ferrying kids to school, but are still in good road-worthy condition.  In this delightful documentary from Student Academy Award Nominated filmmaker Mark … Continue reading

La Familia

This debut feature film from  Venezuelan filmmaker Gustavo Ronon Cordova which is not just a mere indictment of the financial consequences of his country’s near economic collapse, but on the dire effects it has on the family. His two-hander of a story is of a father and son living in near slum conditions in a rough no-go area of … Continue reading

La La Land

The wonderful astonishing opening sequence of a full scale choreographed musical number on a flyover in the middle of an L.A. traffic jam sets the pace for what is clearly one of the most exhilarating movie musicals for years.  La La Land is only the third film helmed by 31 year old Damien Chazelle (he … Continue reading


With the Belgian film auteur Dardenne brothers latest movie ‘The Kid on The Bike’ opening in NY to near rave reviews, it seemed like a good time to hone up on some of their earlier successes that are playing in a Retrospective at the Miami Beach Cinematheque this month. With five films in their resume … Continue reading


Adele has barely left her old rambling house since her husband left her to marry his secretary. Living on the edge of her nerves she cautiously ventures out just once a month accompanied by Henry her 13 year old son to stock up on provisions. Even then she will avoid any personal contact with other people and … Continue reading

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