A Quiet Passion

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For his latest cinematic treat the veteran British auteur Terence Davies has written and directed a visually stunning period-drama biopic on the great American poet Emily Dickinson. Born into a prominent Massachusetts family in 1830, but Davies starts his story when as a rather troublesome young woman, Emily (Emma Bell) is cutting short her studies at Mount … Continue reading

Behind The Candelabra

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Steven Soderburgh’s gloriously wonderful biopic would have horrified his subject Mr Showmanship …. if he had still been alive.  Liberace was the most flamboyantly outrageous camp superstar pianist ever, who in the 1950’s & 1960’s was the highest paid entertainer in the World, but who had unbelievably spent his entire life in the Closet.  He and … Continue reading

Big Eyes

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In a rather radical departure from his last few very edgy movies acclaimed director Tim Burton has opted to make a biopic about Walter Keane the infamous plagiarist who in the 1950’s claimed that his wife’s populist art was his own work. It’s a colorful lightweight drama that never gets dark even when Keane’s trickery … Continue reading


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This new biopic on one of the 20th Century’s most famous political leaders is a re-imagining of the few days leading up to Operation Overload which the Allied High Command were preparing to launch in June 1944 to finally get a foothold back in Europe to hasten the end of the War. Churchill (Brian Cox) the … Continue reading

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