A young boy leaves the comfort of the big city where he lives with his Italian mother to make the long trek to join his Mayan father on a remote coral reef off the Mexico coast.  The parents are divorced so this is an opportunity for the lad to get right back to nature and … Continue reading


      This is one very absurd quirky wee movie about the making of a no-holds barred movie that wants a young couple to make their feelings visible, and to portray love by showing full-one sex.  This is not however pornographic on any level, despite some of the very explicit scenes, and to be perfectly frank … Continue reading

    Before We Go

    When you decide to double up and jump behind the camera for the first time as well as star in front of it, then you need a great deal more than charm to get by.  Sadly no-one told actor Chris Evans aka Captain America that and so he and his pretty and talented star Alice … Continue reading

    By The Sea

    There were such high expectations after Angelina Jolie’s second time behind the camera directing the Oscar nominated “Unbroken” from a script by the Coen brothers but sadly she has followed this up with a real dud.  Pretty to look at, but painfully slow to sit though its seemingly interminable 132 minutes.  This time out Ms Jolie … … Continue reading

    Hampstead : with Diane Keaton thinking she is still Annie Hall

      It’s been over 40 years since Diane Keaton won an Academy Award for Best Actress in the title role of Annie Hall, but after sitting through her latest film Hampstead it seems like she is still playing the same part. But now this slightly bohemian woman with relationship issues,  still wearing floppy hats that … Continue reading

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