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This is one very absurd quirky wee movie about the making of a no-holds barred movie that wants a young couple to make their feelings visible, and to portray love by showing full-one sex.  This is not however pornographic on any level, despite some of the very explicit scenes, and to be perfectly frank I didn’t find this German movie even the least bit erotic, but maybe something got lost in the translation.
The ‘film-director’ Nina gets the two young actors Hans & Maris into an enormous deserted Berlin apartment to rehearse her movie.  There is no script, no cameras or even any finance in place to make this whole project a reality, but none the less Hans & Maria agree to go along with the play-acting for a whole week.  As each day passes all three of them try but fail to open up to each other, and the combination of a  lack of a script and Nina’s attempts to seduce them both, confuses everyone.  Especially me.

This is one of those annoying avant-garde pieces of cinema that is so out there you feel obliged to stick with it to the bitter end, just in case it delivers just a  small part of what you think it promises.  This one didn’t : it was far to tough to fathom out, and frankly I really didn’t care to try by the end.

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