A Paradise Too Far

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When Samuel (Maxime Dumontier) and Emile’s (Marine Johnson) mother is killed in a road accident in a remote rural area in Northern Quebec, the young adult siblings both with development disabilities cannot start to grasp the reality that she will never be back. Samuel works shredding paper at a print shop and lives in a Care … Continue reading

A Quiet Passion

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For his latest cinematic treat the veteran British auteur Terence Davies has written and directed a visually stunning period-drama biopic on the great American poet Emily Dickinson. Born into a prominent Massachusetts family in 1830, but Davies starts his story when as a rather troublesome young woman, Emily (Emma Bell) is cutting short her studies at Mount … Continue reading

Abacus : Small Enough To Jail

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The opening scenes of Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Steve James’s intriguing new film shows an affluent elderly Chinese/American couple watching James Stewart playing the heroic banker George Bailey in the classic movie It’s A Wonderful Life.  This evidently is the Sung’s favorite film and is what successful lawyer Thomas Sung claimed inspired him when in 1984 he … Continue reading

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