Behind The Candelabra

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Steven Soderburgh’s gloriously wonderful biopic would have horrified his subject Mr Showmanship …. if he had still been alive.  Liberace was the most flamboyantly outrageous camp superstar pianist ever, who in the 1950’s & 1960’s was the highest paid entertainer in the World, but who had unbelievably spent his entire life in the Closet.  He and … Continue reading

Captivated : The Trials of Pamela Smart

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In 1990 in a small New England town Pamela Smart, an attractive blond sexpot teacher who was having an affair with one of her students, was accused of plotting her husband’s murder. This rather scandalous cause celebre was the first ever trial to be televised and this new HBO documentary from filmmaker Jeremiah Zagar focuses … Continue reading

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