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In Andre Zvyagintsev’s rather somber movie set in modern-day Moscow its painfully clear that despite all its fine principles post Soviet Russia is simply just another society where the ‘have’ and the ‘have not’s’ bitterly resent each other.  The wealthy have greatly profited from the new capitalism whilst the poor are finding it difficult to … Continue reading


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Award-winning Russian director Andrey  Zvagaintsev’s new epic movie opens to the dramatic tones of a Phillip Glass prelude as the camera scans over the desolate sight of a remote small fishing community that looks like it may have seen better times. It is on the Kola Peninsula in northern Russia and its almost deserted coastline … Continue reading

The Student

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For his seventh feature film acclaimed Russian filmmaker  Kirill Serebrennikov has adapted a stage play by the German writer Marius von Mayenburg that takes a hefty swipe at religious fanaticism with this tale of Veniamin (Pyotr Skvortsov) a rebellious newly-devout teenager who is literally determined to make life hell for everyone else who he thinks are sinners. … Continue reading

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