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Tallulah (Ellen Page), known to all as Lu, and Nico (Evan Jonigkeit) are a couple of young itinerants living hand to mouth out of their dilapidated van as they criss cross the country filling their gas tank courtesy of the credit card they stole from Nico’s mother.  When Nico announces one day that he wants to pack … Continue reading

Collateral Beauty

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  Collateral Beauty is the perfect movie for people who are grieving over recent bereavements and who will be able to readily relate to the anguish that Howard (Will Smith) is struggling with on a daily basis two years after his 6 year old daughter …..his only child ….. died as a result of a … Continue reading

20th Century Women

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Writer/director Mike Mills is revisiting his own family history again as the source for his latest movie.  It served him well last time when in ‘Beginners’ he told the story of his father who came out as gay when he was 75 years old, garnering an Oscar for Christopher Plummer. This time around Mills’s focus … Continue reading


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A chance encounter in a hotel bar leads to a handsome novelist and a pretty analyst, both traveling for business reasons, forgetting their work for a few hours and make a night of it together upstairs.  Next morning as they part to go their separate ways they think no more of their one night stand … Continue reading

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