A Ballerina’s Tale

Documentarians could not possibly wish for better luck than that which befell on Nelson George when he was recently finishing up his profile on the ballerina Misty Copeland and it was announced that she was to become the first African-American soloist with the prestigious American Ballet Theater in over two decades. It’s a perfect ending to … Continue reading

A Good Wife

Milena is an attractive 50-something-year old who lives with her husband in their comfortable middle-class home in a small suburb not far from Belgrade.  She seems to spend her life of the edge of perpetually about to do something, which she never follows through on. Her days are spent aimlessly looking perplexed and anxious as … Continue reading

A Lego Brickumentary

As interesting as Oscar winning documentary filmmaker Daniel Junge and his co-director Oscar nominated Kief Davidson make this profile on the world’s most famous toy unless you are a AFOL (or a KFOL) you’ll find this a little too insular for your own good. Sure, they do a great job telling how this invention decades in … Continue reading

A Little Chaos

Poor Monsieur Le Notre.  The King is giving him a hard time to design the most perfect gardens in the world and within budget, and at the same his feckless wife is playing fast and loose with every young man she can afford to pay for her carnal pleasure.  Then to top it all the … Continue reading

A Little Help

  Laura knocks back a couple of Budweisers every day.  Not that she is a drunk per se, but she needs a buzz just to get her through her day.  She has a husband who is cheating on her with his secretary, a lying little brat of a son, a highly-critical nit-picking mother, a father … Continue reading

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