The Kind Words

When her mother is admitted into hospital for an operation in Tel Aviv, Dorona and her two brothers rush to be by her side. Dealing with their mother’s condition temporarily puts aside the three siblings angst with their own unhappy lives. Dorona wants out of her marriage to Ricki her patient saint of a husband after her … Continue reading


Tallulah (Ellen Page), known to all as Lu, and Nico (Evan Jonigkeit) are a couple of young itinerants living hand to mouth out of their dilapidated van as they criss cross the country filling their gas tank courtesy of the credit card they stole from Nico’s mother.  When Nico announces one day that he wants to pack … Continue reading

The Day Shall Come : a black comedy farce about some would-be terrorists

  For Queerguru,  British  satirist Chris Morris’s  feature film debut FOUR LIONS was one of the very best movies at Sundance in 2010. This black comedy about an inept group of British Pakistani terrorists pushed any hint of good taste out of the window and stunned the Park City crowd onto silence. It was not … Continue reading


When one legend takes on another legend, you know that one of them is not going to come out of it looking good.  In this instance it’s Steven Spielberg and his encounter with Herge’s Tintin in  a new animated 3D movie where the intrepid boy reporter and his cute white terrier Snowy get out of … Continue reading


Phil Spector, the record producer and hit –maker is a genius.  He has an obnoxious ego bigger than Donald Trump, bares life-long grudges for anyone who got more glory than him, is more than a few cards short of a full deck.  Oh yes, he’s also a convicted murderer. Directed by Vikram Jayanti for the … Continue reading

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