Off The Rails

    Adam Irving’s directorial debut is the undeniably sad story of 50 year old Darius McCollum whose obsession with the trains and buses of NY’s transit system has resulted in him spending over half his adult life behind prison bars. McCollum has Aspergers syndrome and like other sufferers on the spectrum, his way of coping is … Continue reading

    Boys State : the making of the next generation of political junkees

      We have to confess the very concept of the annual American Legion run Boys State Event filled our democratic hearts with horror.  Ite been going on since 1935 and is a week-long exercise at teaching selected high school-students how to play politics and establish a state government. Set in red-neck Texas,  filmmakers  Amanda McBaine … Continue reading

    A Man Called Ove

    There is something about being a cantankerous old curmudgeon like Ove (the rather wonderful Rolf Lassgård) that one sometime secretly admires, for all the wrong reasons naturally. Every day he patrols his small suburban Swedish neighborhood removing bikes in his path, reporting illegally parked cars and even throwing old shoes at the stray cat who … Continue reading

    A Royal Affair

    Poor Caroline Mathilda didn’t have a lot going for her.  As a teenage British Princess back in the late 18th Century she was betrothed to her royal husband sight unseen and he turned out to be infantile and deranged.  Nevertheless she was shipped off to the snowy back and beyond of Denmark to be it’s … Continue reading

    A sublime Russell Tovey plays straight in The Sister

      Queerguru’s own take on ‘pay for gay‘ actors is on a case by case argument.  Whereas we are adamant about transactors playing trans  roles, but when it comes to gay men and gay roles we take a more fluid approach.  Most of this is based on the fact we believe it should be the … Continue reading

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