The Kind Words

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When her mother is admitted into hospital for an operation in Tel Aviv, Dorona and her two brothers rush to be by her side. Dealing with their mother’s condition temporarily puts aside the three siblings angst with their own unhappy lives. Dorona wants out of her marriage to Ricki her patient saint of a husband after her … Continue reading


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This tense taut thriller is about yet another deadly incident in the ongoing struggle in the Middle East and was  written by a former Israeli Secret Agent and a Palestinian journalist.  Yet despite its bipartisan credentials the overwhelming feeling that you come away after watching ‘Bethlehem’ is that the world is split into different camps … Continue reading


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In 2003 the Israeli Government started construction on a Separation Fence in the Occupied West Bank BUT instead of going along the border line of the area, it cut right through Palestinian land.  So much so, its planned route would have isolated six villages that would have then become completely land-locked.   One of them was Budrus, and … Continue reading

Censored Voices

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On June 5th 1967 the armies of Egypt, Syria and Jordan were amassed on Israel’s borders threatening to annihilate the country. However six days later, Israel won an historic victory, conquering lands and tripling its size.  In the immediate weeks after this several different kibbutzniks got together to discuss and record their feelings.  They had no interest in making another victory … Continue reading

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